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40+ courses from the industry's best.

Instant access to 40+ courses from learnsquared.com – anytime, anywhere. 

Train your artists conveniently and in one place with courses covering nearly the entire industry. 

No more Gumroads, no more complicated course schedules. Just high-quality training from the industry's best artists, all at your own pace.

The Best Artists

Our training isn't made by software geeks. It's made by the best artists working today.

Top Quality

High-definition video, crystal clear audio, and concise training to top it all off. We're the best around.


Watch our videos anytime, anywhere, at whatever pace is most comfortable for you.

Real Workflows

Our courses feature real, professional workflows from the best in the biz.


David Tilton

Rooster Teeth

"Learn Squared gives me the freedom and flexibility to learn from the best in the industry at my own pace."

Elias Ravanetti

Concept Artist

"Learning from people who are at the top of their game is a great incentive. My career as a concept artist started after taking these courses."


With courses like ours, it's easy to understand why.

Train your team with courses covering the entire industry.

With 40+ courses to choose from, you can't go wrong.

Your artists deserve better training than Gumroads and YouTube tutorials.

We provide training from the best artists in the industry, so you can train your artists in one place, and trust they're learning from the best.

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